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So it's 2013, May. Don't know why I said that but why not.

Hey you! (now like anyone's reading this accept for myself in the distant future)
So who am I?
I am a Composer / performer from Western Sydney, Australia.
Main instrument; Guitar (Just like everyone else).
My content is personnal, and deep in meaning .... ah fuck it, it's just me playing around having fun doing whatever the hell I want to do. I try to upload new content often, twice a month at least. My songs are free for you to use (With the right credits of course. I.e. 'Nano Crisis' <song name> with or without My name 'Ben Murrell') I only ask for credits really because I have noticed alot of my songs in alot of different works across the interwebs, this doesn't bother me, I just want to SEE where it's being used! Cause I want to see what people have made, that's all ... I swear ... Really I just like to see people's works, it's fun and if my song is in there, that makes me very happy.

Anyway tangent not included ...

I have alot of 'works-in-progress' and maybe that's not cool, but It's really hard to be motivated to finish something, when my music isn't actually popular and I'm a nobody lol *cry*. I'm happy to make custom songs for free for anyone, only on the condition you actually use them. I won't put effort into something unless it means something!

Self-less plug;

PLEASE!!! Post my music around the web! On your facebook! Twitter! Reviews! Hate Mail .. wait not that. But yeah, I'm struggling to get people's attention and maybe I just suck? Though I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, I do all of this for myself, I love writing music and will do it till I die, but I suppose I'd like people to know it's out there, to download it, maybe have the volume on 11 and have your car speakers deafen the little old lady down the road. Anything is fine with me.

OH before I forget, You can find Nano Crisis on Facebook (In 3 years I have 33 people like my page ... fuck I'm sad) here;

If you read this, I'm really sorry ... I can't give you back those few minutes ... but here is a winking smiley face, chicks dig winking smiley faces. ;)

- Sparky

Wow a blog update!

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