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A Brighter Tomorrow A Brighter Tomorrow

Rated 5 / 5 stars

There is some pretty nice themes in there. At 1:04, the break. It's well thought out. Music is also about the spaces between sound, it's good to see someone who understands that.

Overall it has a nice use of electronic timbres.

The melodic transitions work well and the chords are bright and cheerful with enough dissonance to keep me interested. Very progressive which is strange in a 'poppy dance' genre (In a good way, I like it). Don't be afraid to return some themes. Re-use a theme or two here and there but switch which instrument plays it or have a different instrument play in the foreground with a counter melody ^_^

Looking forward to seeing your growth!

Syrez responds:

Lol I might have to provide you with royalties if I ever become discovered simply due to all the input you've given me. xD I won't type out an essay this time though, thanks very much again.

Until The Day We Die,redo Until The Day We Die,redo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey!! I found your song on youtube! Thanks for the mention btw!
Man ... WOW such an improvement. I can hear the clarity of the notes and timbres. It's also all leveled right. Mastering compressors pretty quickly. If you want some more tips;
The bass I can hear was the fruity loops bass. Its very vanilla as it stands. Look at getting a few effects VST plugins. (All the effects and plugins etc are usually 'VST').
So search some good free 'VST' websites and download what you can. There is two types, VSTi is the instruments, (bass, Guitars, Pianos etc) and the 'VST' is usually effects (put them into the mixer tracks).
So for a string instrument like the Bass, get a 'Cabinet, Heads, EQ, Distortions etc.' That will give you a lot more play room with the final sound making it sound richer and realistic.
Also try experimenting with compression. Use a light compression on the master but on the tracks use different types of compressors.
Keep me posted on your updates!!
- Sparky

Syrez responds:

Thanks for the advice mate, I'll definitely have a look into VST/VSTi plugins since I'd love to try my hand at a synth rock track some time.
As for my songs going up on YouTube I have a habit of being a bit lazy when it comes to actually putting them on there lol. It's so much easier and quicker to upload a new song to SoundCloud and Newgrounds than it is to render a whole new video to go on YouTube, so if you or anyone else would like to keep up to date with my music it'd be a better bet to follow my SounCloud and/or Newgrounds profiles.
Again, thanks for all your excellent feedback and advice Copy-23, it's all very much appreciated. =D

You There(wip)-quadx You There(wip)-quadx

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll give you a 5 because the your skills are pretty good. There is a good deal of room between the different instrumentation and tonalities. It's overall quality is obviously an issue but we both know that you didn't record with that in mind, so your score doesn't reflect that. If you ever decide to properly record this song, let me know. I am enjoying this piece as is.

quadx responds:

i do plan to do a pro recording for the upcoming album but for a 20 min project i think it all worked together nicely.

crosshairs crosshairs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow I'm really enjoying this. Especially the clarity in tone of the guitar. The layers are pretty thicken in new and fun ways, the oscillator may be a bit strong but we aren't going for mainstream radio are we? No this is a new method of layering which is inspiring to be honest.

Until The Day We Die Until The Day We Die

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really digg this song. If your anti-singing (Like myself) whack in a little distortion. Makes singing a little easier. Gave you a 5/5 because the songs structure is pretty dam good, yeah quality if off a bit but I use fruity loops as well and yeah, finicky as hell at times.
Your morphvox settings are strange, I mean I could still tell it was a male, running in morphvox. After running the voice doctor make some more changes, their 'doctor' wizard isn't that accurate.
Lyrics ... 10/10, I'm not a poet but I found humour in the song.

Clipping is an issue, use compressors if your not sure.

Syrez responds:

Thanks mate! Since I've never tried adding lyrics to a song before this I went head first into it so there are a couple phrases I have no clue of what they mean lol. You and Cabbster have said there's quite a bit of clipping, what's clipping exactly? As for compressors I wouldn't know where to find them, I follow the visual appearance of any features I use and I don't really look at what things are called by name lol. I should try to change that habit and fast.

All in all I've decided to do a remastered version of Until The Day We Die over the next few days and I'm definitely going to make some improvements from the feedback I'm getting so far from Newgrounds and the other sites I upload to.

Again, thanks for the feedback, that goes to everyone. It helps tremendously! =D

I've just finished remastering the song, I'm uploading it now. =) Thanks a whole bunch mate, you saved my music! Literally lol. It probably would've taken me like 5 songs before I found out about compressors for myself.

Pandora 2013 Pandora 2013

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude, you got some wild composition skills. I could hear a few passes into melodic minor which was a nice little variation on the scale. I think your strongest attribute would have to be the layering. You seem to know your way of spacing the material so within each beat there is always room to hear another instrument.
I know it says demo so I'm marking you at a 5 / 5 for your composing, really REALLY well done.
On another note I would really loved to of heard a bass guitar in this though.
And the guitar tones. As a fellow user of poor recording equipment I understand this issue as well. The guitars tones are too muddy which makes it a deciphering nightmare. When using any EQ, Think about where each instrument focuses on the frequencies. Too many overlapping will cause dB distortion among other un-wanted things.
I really want to check this out again when you finish it.

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Bad Instrumentation Bad Instrumentation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

5 Stars, so I'll tell you why;

First, as it's isn't technically a 'song' thought it, dam artsy farsties lol. The point is exploration of tonality which any musician would GREATLY appreciate. It's also a perfect inspirational piece for those lonely nights staring at your instruments and thinking, Dam you tone, Y U NO CHANGE?!

Secondly, the recordings quality is exceptional, it is apparent the use of good equipment and the right now-how of positions. Though the first guitar would do better with a better position to capture those little bassy frequencies.

Thirdly, the instruments are buetiful in their own rights, each with its own personality, taste and use. You have to tell me about your bass though, I love that slide down at the end, very tasteful and jazzy.

Lastly, the experimentation of instrument performanship is done nicely. I have used the bow on guitar too and it's a difficult thing to find a usefull tone. But I did it on an acousitc in Dropped B tuning so it didn't sound as tingy. I suggest pursueing this further for new tonalities, even if for bragging rights!

Overall, this doesn't try to be what it's not. It's not going to be on the top 40 pop charts and it doesn't want to be. It's a resource pool done tasefully and proffesionally. It's quality lays it the structure, the smooth transition from instruments. It's comparing

KittenBeat responds:

Oh well, thank you very much. n.n
-I think the problem with recording quality is that everyone over-complicates it. My microphone is a simple entry-level condenser from the 60-70's era. Mine was a gift, but I've seen Identical ones on sale for$10-$30. It's not about the quality, it's about the use. And the simpler you use it, the better. Even karaoke mics have sounded great for me with just a simple software compressor to boost it.
-The arch-top was definitely not made to be recorded. Recording equipment didn't exist when it was made. I tried close micing it both over the 'sweet spot' where the sound hole would be, only there's no sound hole there and the tone was bland and crappy. I tried micing it over the F-holes as well, but the result was a thick, muddy monstrosity. So I just far mic'ed it. If I used it in a real song, I would probably rear mic it, as I've read that sounds good with this kind of guitar.

Thank you for the review. Your knowledge and meditation on such a simple, easily ignored upload has impressed me greatly. <3

~Breakdown [Update]~ ~Breakdown [Update]~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Digging the layering. The groove is pretty solid, I can see what you mean by quantization issues but it's nothing at all to focus on.

P.s. I love Staccato, and your library is hot. *Drool*

1:03; That reverse into the leads foreground was brilliant, especially the rhythms drop 1/4 before the end bar, well thought out.

1:18; Can't say I'm a fan of the 2nd guitars tone. Could be just personnal preference, but the bass has those muffled frequencies covered.

Overall, a 5 star effort. Pretty awsome originality in tone use and the structure.

KittenBeat responds:

Mmm. Thanks. :3
The Spiccato is soooo lovely. x3

To be entirely honest, I put no thought into that part of the song. The reverse effect is something that I just did out of habit from making a lot of EDM, and I didn't think about the 1|4/1|8ish drop out. It just kind of went that way when I was grooving it. If that makes sense. c:

I'm not a fan of the tone either. My guitar has single coils in the neck area, and It's obnoxious. I wish I had my les paul back. x.x

Schmee - Schmee part 2 Schmee - Schmee part 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Its full of joy, simple as that.

Ignorance, religion Ignorance, religion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet as

Yeah this is pretty sweet, sounds like old green day when they hadn't sold out (so bad). I'd like this re-recorded. Good Idea that I do is record you playing the guitar alone over and over, get like three recordings and slice the best parts. Then record the vocals seperate, that way you can clean it up and mix the levels.
I just wish I could hear the lyrics a bit better. So you get a 9 instead of 10.

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IzakFlashMan responds:

Heh, were actually in the process of reproducing this song so it actually sounds awesome. Your wish may come true my friend! lol. Thanks for reviewing. =)